Adult Ministries

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, The Fellowship wants to provide the environment that can help you become all you can be in Christ. For spiritual health and growth, we recommend a balance of the two kinds of opportunities offered through The Fellowship: (1) The first is the gathered Worship Service on Sunday mornings. (2) The second is a smaller group that allows closer friendship and more active interaction than is possible in the larger gathering. Many can testify enthusiastically that their Christian life became much more real and personal when they joined a Bible study, a prayer group, a class, or an adult fellowship.

Small group opportunities are fluid. Some of our groups are more structured and predictable, but many are short term, with regular renewal and change. This keeps our ministry fresh! Also, our groups are broadly inclusive both of attenders and non-attenders of The Fellowship.
There are two main types of small-group opportunities for adults at The Fellowship:
In addition, we have a variety of ministries oriented specifically to men and to women:

Men's Ministries

At The Fellowship, we believe that men need to have opportunities to grow in their walk with the Lord and to develop supportive relationships with their brothers in Christ. They need other men to learn from, to help mentor, and to hold them accountable. Some of the weekly opportunities for growth and fellowship include early-morning “prayer and coffee” sessions and Promise Keepers meetings for small groups of men. Men's Night Out is an opportunity to gather with men from a number of local churches for a time of fellowship, music, and growth.  There are occasional Men’s Fellowship Breakfasts on Saturday mornings, and both Spring and Fall Men’s Retreats. Be sure to check the monthly calendar for the latest events.

Women's Ministries

Women enjoy a special sense of belonging at The Fellowship. Whether young or old, married or single, working outside the home or working at home, each woman has the opportunity to be part of a small group that fits her needs. These small groups provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere for women to share their joys and challenges, and to find encouragement and support in the prayers and company of other Christian women. Be sure to check the monthly calendar for the latest events.

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