Libby Little Engaged the Unengaged

May 2016

Libby Little Engaged the Unengaged

It was my great blessing to attend a conference at Park Street Church. The main speaker was Libby Little. She and her husband raised their family in Afghanistan from just before the Soviet invasion to the 2010 martyrdom of her husband. They went to Afghanistan to share Christ's love with the unengaged. Dr. Thomas Little spent much of his time helping Afghans with serious vision issues. His clinic is still operational. It was truly astounding to hear how an old Afghan protected this small family from a blood thirsty riot. He placed himself on the threshold of their home to wave rioters past. In the same way, Libby and her children did the same on "vacations" to the most dangerous regions of Afghanistan accompanying Dr. Little on eye clinic outreach trips to remote villages.  There are two YouTube videos you might want to check out. “Barack Obama Presents 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient Dr. Thomas Little”. Follow up that video with “Libby Little talks about receiving the Medal of Freedom”.

Libby Little is someone you will want to meet. Her life has been filled with stories of trusting God in extremely difficult circumstances. You too can overcome in hard places in your own life. 

David Doré

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