Summer in New England

June 2018

We (Patty and me) have always been intoxicated by summers in New England.  Both of us grew up down south (Texas/Doug; Arizona/Patty) where you really couldn’t enjoy the summer.  Native New Englanders take a lot of things for granted up here: the ocean, the White Mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, etc, etc.  For over 35 years, we have enjoyed beautiful vacations on the Cape; on Newfound Lake in Bristol NH, at the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire; and, last summer, we visited Lake Placid.  Magnificent!  We also have treasured memories of motorcycle rides to Newport to watch the Tall Ships at the Inn at Castle Hill and long rides in the White Mountains June and October.  Absolutely breathtaking! 
As I, Doug, think about how intoxicating and thrilling New England can be in the summer, I think of the opportunities that we as spouses have to “thrill” each other by planning special times together. In Psalms 92:4 we are told by the Psalmist that “You thrill me with all you have done for me” (NLT).  The definition of the word thrill is to "intoxicate, inspire, delight, exhilarate, electrify, and fire one's imagination".  There are many verses in the Bible which refer to how we can intoxicate and refresh each other in ways that no one else can do.  (Proverbs 5:19 NASB; Song of Solomon 2:4; 4:10; 5:10; 7:1, etc.)

For starters, Falmouth is fairly close and provides many opportunities for a great time together on a beautiful summer’s day.  The Shining Sea Bike Trail is spectacular. (Low cost bike rentals are available).  Pie in the Sky is a great place to enjoy tasty treats along with many waterfront restaurants. The beaches are beautiful and it is close enough for a late lunch. Even closer, is the Cape Cod Canal where you can bike or just take a beautiful walk. 

We recently discovered a classy place only minutes away to eat breakfast or lunch outside -  James Place in Wrentham on 140. (It is also close to the Wrentham Outlets guys - a great place to take our wives after breakfast.) 

In terms of a long weekend together, for a number of us in The Fellowship, Jackson, NH has become a truly magical place to visit in the summer. There are many small mountain pools to jump into for a refreshing dip and numerous hiking trails to enjoy with spectacular views. 

AAA is a great resource for cute places in the White Mountains and on the Cape to escape to. Also, in the western part of the state, there are opportunities for white river rafting.  (  Be creative.

 This summer, let us all trust God to help us make the effort to initiate a special afternoon or a long weekend away together to experience a “thrilling” adventure in "paradise". (One of my patients once told me that he had lived all over the US, but he felt like this area was “paradise”. We are truly blessed.) 
Enjoy summer in New England together! (Eccl. 9:9 Relish life with your spouse - Message)

~Doug and Patty
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