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Bernie Powell
  Israel, camped on the banks of the Jordan, contemplated a task so big that even today it still staggers the imagination. They were going to establish a new kind of civilization, the likes of which the world had never seen. They were not merely immigrants, moving from one place to another, to be absorbed into the new locale. No, they were going to establish a civilization from top-to-bottom – families, business, diet, ecology, worship, arts, whatever – a civilization that... + read more
Bernie Powell
  As the escalating Presidential campaign fills the news, we look into the faces of a half dozen or so individuals. Each of them wants to hold the most powerful position of authority in the world. We are asking ourselves how each one would use that authority.   Will authority be used to resolve the great issues of our nation and world? Or will that authority be squandered on the interests of K Street, of party and ideology, of ego? Will authority be used to continue... + read more
Bernie Powell
  Variety is an understatement when it comes to our television options: newscasts, news magazines, action-drama, reality, sit-coms, cartoons, religious, sports, infomercials, nature, educational, game shows, and so on. Variety: Anything and everything. Why? Different strokes for different folks. Have you ever considered the variety we find in the Bible? There's history, letters, military battles, simple parables, genealogies, a love song, philosophy, prophecy, case law, worship... + read more


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