Community Ministries

"A chance to give back." 
"Make a difference."
"You receive more than you give."
"Pay it forward." 
These are some of the trendy ways people today talk about serving. We prefer the way Jesus said it in the Story of the Good Samaritan: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. The Lord's love in our hearts transcends any motivations based merely on social obligation or seeking a warm feeling. Civic duty is pretty boring compared with the devotion to Christ that energizes a believer's service. Whatever you do for one of the least of these . . . you do for me. As The Fellowship gets more and more involved in community ministries, we are learning to be...The Church Without Walls.
As we try to find ways to help people in the compassionate Spirit of Jesus, the following list of community partnerships is one result. We know them to be worthy opportunities. You are encouraged to explore and get involved.
AGAPE FUND. Crisis help, holiday baskets, and other resources. Call Jane Natola, 508-238-7998. 
ANGEL TREE. Christmas gifts and other help for children of prisoners and others. Call Melinda Butt 508-543-7961. 
BETHEL MEDICAL GROUP. Physicians provide family health care, but with a Christian foundation and message. 508-588-1200 
CAPERNAUM (part of Young Life). We partner with Capernaum, which helps people with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.  Call Linda Smith 617-723-1750.  capernaumbsw [at]
CELEBRATE RECOVERY. A Christ-centered and Bible-based 12-Step Recovery Program.  Thursday evenings at Easton Baptist Church.  Call Nancy 508-238-6841. 
CHILDREN'S HAVEN. For over a century, clubs, tutoring, camps, and other activities reaching urban children on the mean streets of Boston & Worcester, 508-476-7766. 
COMPASS POINT MINISTRIES.  Provides Bible-based housing for ex-prisoners, discipling them in their new faith, teaching life skills, and helping with re-integration into society.  To help, call David Silva, 508-941-4027.
EMMANUEL GOSPEL CENTER. Multi-faceted, in-depth ministry serving the homeless, ethnic churches, urban youth, and much more. 617-262-4567
INTERNATIONAL WELCOME.  Christian outreach and hospitality ministry to welcome those that come to America from many lands, especially international students on local college campuses.
IVCF AT WHEATON. The student led Christian Fellowship at Wheaton College (Norton), Stonehill College (Easton), and Bridgewater State University (Bridgewater) is helped by IVCF staffer.
JESUS' FOLLOWERS. A special needs ministry for children and adults with mental disabilities, led by Pete & Sandy Willis 508-828-2603. 
LEARN YOUR OPTIONS (formerly "A Woman's Concern"). A group of five pregnancy health centers in the region, specializing in meeting needs in a crisis pregnancy. 617-825-0838 
MARRIAGE INITIATIVE.  Workshops and seminars to enrich marriages.  Call physician & wife Doug & Patty Grogan, 508-238-9241.
NEW PARENTS.  Volunteers deliver a gift basket and other helps as a congratulation to parents of newborns in the community.  Call Laurie Polen, 508-588-0258.
OPEN FRIENDSHIP GROUPS. Home hosted gatherings bring neighbors and church acquaintances together for deeper friendships and for exploring God's Word. See leaflet "Where Learning Warms Up". 
OPERATION KINDNESS.  A variety of Saturday projects: 20 to 50 volunteers move out together to do small acts of kindness "with no strings attached."  Call Joe Silva 508-297-2574.
PIONEER CLUBS. For each age from 4 years through grade 5, a club of Bible based activities, serving children from across the community. Tuesday evenings. Call Rita MacKinnon, 508-230-3692 
PLYMOUTH JAIL CHAPLAIN. Dan Croce provides church services, Bible studies, discipleship and other ministries to prisoners. To help, call 781-871-4477. 
PRISON MINISTRIES. Several from our church lead Bible studies or other ministries among incarcerated adults or teens. Call Tom Hanley, 508-583-5612. 
TEEN CHALLENGE. No longer primarily for teens, this is a Bible-based residential program for recovery from addictions to drugs. 508-586-1494.
WEEKEND TO REMEMBER. Two-and-a-half day get-away that allows husbands and wives to reconnect and to discover new depth of marriage oneness through age-old truths.  Call Ernie & Merryle Anderson, 508-583-1407, or Paul & Nancy Smith, 781-344-3642. 
OTHER. "Christian ministry to community needs" is not limited to volunteer work. A number of professionals in our church understand their employment as social workers, educators, medical personnel, non-profit staff, etc. as a spiritual ministry to those in need.
GRIEFSHARE.  Support group for those who grieve the death of a loved one.  Contact Mark DeCoste, decostemark0 [at], or Michele O'Brien, 339-987-0574.
GRANDFAMILIES.  Support group for grandparents raising their own grandchildren, or similar kinship parenting.

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