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Worship Services

WorshipOur worship service each Sunday is at 10:30.  Prior to the service, we have various Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship opportunities.  Nursery is provided for both services.
Handicap accessible Our facilities are handicap accessible, and the worship center is air conditioned in the summer.  We also have a hearing assistance system available -- please ask for a receiver at the sound desk.


Worship is human response called forth by the grace and splendor of God. Worship is an art, with as much rich variety in its practice as there are different worshipping groups. Whether with full orchestra and stained glass, or with harmonica and campfire, the important thing is meeting with God in ways that authentically celebrate His greatness.
Worship should be a family experience, and at The Fellowship we believe it’s important for children to be in the service to learn to enjoy worship with good manners. However, we do offer some alternatives, including Nursery and Sunday School.

Worship TeamYou may like trying different worship styles, in much the same way that some people like different styles of art or music. Or you may be looking for just one style—because it’s similar to what you grew up with or because it’s associated with some special experience.

If you have never worshipped with us at the Fellowship, may we invite you to step out and try something new? No, there’s nothing especially extraordinary or shocking about our worship services, but many have found it rather unique in its warmth and participation.

The familiar elements of prayer, music, Scripture, offering, and communion are all there, as well as the occasional drama, testimony, or other interactive elements. But one unique feature at The Fellowship is that the service changes from one Sunday to the next. There is no predictable order, so that one could go through the service with eyes (and mind?) closed. This keeps us on our toes, alert, fully engaged in the act of worship.

The reason behind this is our Elders, the laymen who lead our church. From the beginning of The Fellowship, a different elder has planned and led the worship each Sunday. This goes far beyond picking out three hymn numbers just five minutes before the service.

Pastor PowellEach elder will spend hours planning for his Sunday, deciding on music, prayers, and various elements that, step by step, build our gathered worship around a particular theme. The order, the elements included, and the whole tone varies from Sunday to Sunday. One Sunday may be more meditative, helping us to center on the Person of our Lord. Another may be “buoyant celebration” of His goodness or His victory. The services vary as widely as the personalities and pilgrimages of the different elders, and the more so as God is leading our whole church on a pilgrimage of certain experiences or lessons.
There are also many creative ways the elders find to encourage active congregational participation and interaction. There’s a sense of freedom and heart involvement in the service. There’s also a variety of musical styles from week to week, including traditional hymns, praise and worship songs, and some classical.
Most of us like this variety. It reminds us of the rich variety of the body of Christ itself. Won’t you come and join us for worship this Sunday?


INCLEMENT WEATHER: Services are not normally cancelled due to inclement weather, but if you wake up to stormy weather, the decision for Regular Services, Delayed Start, or No Church will be posted online here at thefellowshiponline.org and on the church answering machine. If the decision to cancel or delay services is made, this will be posted on WCVB Channel 5 and on www.thebostonchannel.com. Weekly children's & youth program cancellations will be posted as early on the day of the activity as possible.

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