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The Fellowship's mission is "A loving community building up followers of Jesus, sharing Christ everywhere we go."  We have many different ministries that serve in various capacities - some that minister to the church as a whole; some that minister to small groups.  Ministry always reaches beyond the doors of the church to meet needs in the wider community and across the world.  We have ministries that are focused on helping children learn and grow, helping teens to navigate the difficult years into adulthood, helping those with special needs find love and acceptance, and helping those going through difficult times such as divorce or the loss of a loved one.
Whether you're looking for a specific ministry, or just want to find a smaller group to plug into, there's probably a ministry at the Fellowship that fits.  While our worship services are an important part of the Christian life, where we join together as a whole body, we also hope that you will be able find a smaller group to get involved with.  These smaller groups are an opportunity to open up and share with others on a more personal level, and to encourage each other on our journey to grow in godliness.  There are more activities going on at the Fellowship than are listed here, so we hope you'll get involved and see where you belong.  Please contact the church if you have questions or need help finding the right place for you.
Raking Leaves for Operation KindnessIf you're insterested in serving in a ministry, please feel free to contact the ministry leaders.  We believe that serving is an important (and rewarding!) part of the Christian life, and we encourage everyone to get involved.  There are ministries that fit all personalities and gifts...we won't force you to sing in the choir if you have no musical ability, or preach on the street corner if you have a fear of public speaking!  People's gifts are diverse, and we understand that God has a unique role for everyone to play.  Don't hesitate to talk to one of the Elders if you have a passion for a particular type of ministry but can't find an area to serve...we'll help you figure out how to plug in and use your gifts.

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