Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings, with a focus on building deeper relationships with other believers. Supporting and encouraging one another as we study scriptural topics together and learn how to apply them to our lives. All ABFs will begin on September 9th at either 9:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. as noted below.

Family Builders

Sundays - Room 4, 9:00 AM

Family Builders is a group for adults seeking God’s wisdom and direction in their parenting and a desire to honor Him with strong and healthy marriages. While that is the focus for the class – all are welcome to attend! The class is also a great place to meet new people, plug into an “ABF Family” and develop some God appointed friendships. Family Builders is a place to be encouraged, challenged and supported as we seek to become individuals who are filled with the Holy Spirit and a desire to honor God and further his Kingdom here on earth. Our goal as a class is to take what we learn together on Sunday morning and spread it outside the walls of our classroom the remainder of the week.

Kevin & April Carr


Sundays - Room 32, 9:00 AM
Thursdays - The Grogan's Home, 6:30 PM

MarriageCare focuses on strengthening couples to feed their relationships in order to grow and glorify God. When you become married “Everything Changes”. I Corinthians 7:32-34.  Learn together with other couples how to grow in fulfilling God’s plan for our marriages. Please contact Doug or Patty Grogan to find out the topic and start date for this fall’s six week series. Patty and I are looking very forward to God using the time to help us better show our love to each other by “actions and not just words”.  (I John 3:18).

Doug & Patty Grogan,  (508) 238-9142,  patricia.grogan.52 [at]  OR  dgrogran [at]

Salt & Light

Sundays - Room 4, 10:45 AM

Salt and Light takes its name from Matthew 5:13-16 where we are called to become “salt of the earth” and a “light of the world.”  This group is for adults of all ages who would like to dig deep into God’s Word. This fall, we will begin with a study of 2 Peter. Peter writes to believers who are facing a society that is increasingly becoming more hostile to those who follow Jesus Christ. Similar to our society today. He teaches us how to maintain a strong walk with Christ, of faith, hope and love. He also teaches us how to be a witness to the world as we live out our day to day lives.
Dave Dutton, duttonfamily8 [at]


Sundays - Music Room, 10:45 AM

The Bible tells us we are to consider ourselves sojourners, or travelers, in our time on this earth. Our real home is in heaven, with our Lord Christ. This group for senior adults focuses on in depth study of God’s Word and practical application of the ABF fourfold purpose in our daily lives. Join us as we explore God’s Word together. This year we will feature two teachers, Chip Randall and David Doré.

David Doré,  (781) 436-3677,  1ddore [at]
Chip Randall

Young Adults

Sundays - Room 2, 10:45 AM

Connecting young singles and marrieds in meaningful ways to support and encourage one another. To grow in discovering God’s purpose for your life and living out that purpose. I Timothy 4:12 We will begin the fall with singles and marrieds together for a study of Jesus in the four Gospel accounts. Later in the fall, the couples will move into a study focused on how to grow in being confident and effective parents to young children.
Steve & Gigi Cox, (781) 888-1986, stevepcox [at]

Gospel Living

Sundays - Music Room, 9:00 AM

What does it mean to “live out the Gospel”? How do we live out the Good News of Christ’s life, death and resurrection? As Christians wherever we are, at home, work or school we are living out the Gospel that people see each day and what do they see? Come join us this fall as we will explore the Gospel of Mark to see how to live out the gospel in this modern day society. This beginner to intermediate level group is open to adults at any age.
Peter and Bethanie Rice  (508) 238-2661,  peter [at]