Operation: Kindness - Details

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O.K. Vision

Operation Kindess has a three part vision:

  • Saturate

The goal of O.K. is to saturate the whole community with acts of kindness.  Large numbers of Christians are mobilized for brief periods of time to reach a large number of people in the community.

  • Family Ministry

O.K. is a family ministry - the events are activities that whole families can participate in.  They don't require special skills, advanced training, or large time commitments.

  • Like Missions Growth

O.K., like Missions, is an activity that involves the whole church.  It is something everyone in the church can participate in...and ideally most will.


Defined Focus

O.K. has a specific set of goals in mind.  The intent is not to achieve large, complex tasks that require years of planning and thousands of hours of effort, but smaller tasks that still achieve attainable outcomes.

  • Simple Acts of Kindness

O.K. event consist of simple acts of kindness, that serve as a community....

  • Outreach

O.K. events enable us to get out into the community and show the love of Christ in a real and practical way, rather than staying hidden behind the walls of our church.

  • Wholesale


Upcoming Events

See our Event Calendar to find Upcoming O.K. events.