Mission & values

Our Mission

A loving community building up followers of Jesus,
sharing Christ everywhere we go.

Our Values


We believe the teaching of God’s Word is foundational to building up followers of Jesus (making disciples) and is one of the fundamental purposes of the church.  Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on sound Biblical teaching so that believers mature in their understanding and application of Scripture and become effective at reaching their communities and their world for Christ.


We believe that Christians are a family united by their common faith in Christ.  Therefore, we are a loving community which aspires to continually edify, encourage, and disciple one another, hold each other accountable, love each other, and strive for unity as we grow together towards greater Christlikeness.


We believe that ascribing worth to God (worship) should be at the heart of all that we do.  Therefore, we worship both personally and corporately.  Personal worship includes prayer, Bible study, holiness, and obedience.  Corporate worship includes teaching, music, prayer, giving, and testimonies of what God is doing, and is the purpose of our Sunday services.  We aspire to have our worship services be creative, passionate reflections of God’s glory, power, and infinite worth.


We believe the Great Commission is the basis for the work of the church.  Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on world missions, and we aspire to be equally effective at reaching our local community with the Good News of Christ. We look for opportunities to share Christ everywhere we go.


We believe that inherent to discipleship is training up people to serve in and through the local church body.  Therefore, we encourage all in our fellowship to serve.  Our staff are not hired to do all the work; the staff and leadership are equippers and disciple-makers who help people identify their gifts and callings and find a place for them to use those gifts in service to both the church and our community.


We believe that all that we possess and all that we are is a gift from our generous and loving God. Therefore, we desire to be cheerful givers, supporting the work of the church and helping others in need. We aspire to have everyone in our fellowship be generous in their giving – whether finances, skills, service, and/or time.