Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

A loving community building up followers of Jesus, sharing Christ everywhere we go.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a church where our mission, values, and vision are known and embraced by all in our fellowship to the point where they:

  • Saturate every level of ministry and decision-making
  • Motivate and inspire our congregation to participate in God’s work in our local community and beyond

We envision a church that seeks to glorify God through worship worthy of the King. Our services will focus the worshipper’s attention on the Lord and His message. Worship services:

  • Are thoughtfully planned to flow smoothly and provide focus to our worship through music, prayer, and the spoken Word.
  • Strive to provide a consistent worship experience.
  • Leverage graphics, creative elements, and technology, to focus the worshipper’s attention on God.
  • Are enhanced by a team of creative individuals who help the church find innovative and creative approaches for carrying out the Lord’s work, dream of increasingly effective ways for accomplishing our mission, and address challenges as they arise.

We understand as a loving church of Jesus Christ, our very existence is to build a thriving welcoming community. We provide an environment that:

  • Embraces all people through the power of the Gospel that transforms individuals and our community.
  • Inspires, equips, and mobilizes the body to go out in the name of Jesus so that all might see, hear, and experience God’s love in tangible ways.
  • Reaches out to the community with ministries of healing and compassion that unite The Fellowship.

We view discipleship as a divine process in which each and every one of us is on a lifelong journey with Christ as the center by:

  • Striving to be a church that cultivates a hunger for learning and teaching based on Biblical instruction as its foundation.
  • Fully recognizing as a church that this process is accomplished by God’s Grace and is for His glory.

We see mobilization as a vital link that enables all believers to discover their unique God-given giftedness, to build up the body of Christ:

  • By encouraging and aiding in the process of inclusion within The Fellowship.
  • Through the provision of resources designed to reveal one’s God-given giftedness.
  • Through the enabling of individuals to discover, understand, and use their spiritual gifts, passions, natural abilities, temperament, and experiences to fulfill their role in His church.

We envision all people of The Fellowship being guided by a community of Godly leaders who:

  • Inspire and empower individuals to develop their God-centered calling.
  • Observe when skill, talent and spiritual gifting point to leadership, provide a clear direction to achieve that growth and move the individual into a leadership pathway.

We envision a collaborative team of visionary leaders who empower others to accomplish our mission of loving, building, and sharing.

  • By developing a high capacity staff with a passion for ministry who value the mission above themselves.
  • Through an adaptable staffing plan that will grow as the Lord grows His Kingdom here and around the world.

We seek to ensure a welcoming, well-maintained facility that is appealing to those who enter:

  • By providing a practical, well-equipped venue for the Kingdom work occurring both within and beyond its walls.
  • By looking beyond the present toward creatively maximizing the use of this facility by expanding the footprint of the Worship Center, kitchen, all-purpose room, classrooms, parking lot, and more, to augment ongoing Gospel growth through the impact of the Gospel.

We look to be a church where everyone joyfully brings their tithes and offerings into God’s house.  As we are faithful to obey God’s word:

  • We trust Him to pour down blessings from heaven in abundance.
  • We desire to be able to expand ministry, care for the poor, and advance His Kingdom in the local church, the community, and around the world.