Missions: How To Get Involved

Missionary Partnership: Being a missionary can be a lonely job. By being a missionary’s partner, you can bring great encouragement. A partner receives regular news on a particular missionary and prays for him or her. You are also encouraged to send letters or cards. Many of our classes or groups as a whole sign on to partner with a particular missionary. You can also do so as an individual. We recommend a one year term for partnership, with an option next year to pick a new missionary or to renew. John Loefstedt coordinates partnerships.

Summer Missions: There are two ways to do this: (1) Various mission organizations have summer programs that may vary from a few days to two months. Websites for some of these are listed at the end of this item. (2) As a church, we often arrange summer missions trips, some for youth and some for adults. Some websites: 
Operation Mobilization: www.om.org
Frontiers: www.frontiers.org
Wycliffe: www.wycliffe.org
SIM International: www.sim.org
TEAM: team.org
WorldVenture: www.cbi.org
Faith Promise: The church collects “Faith Promises” (not pledges) as a way to provide financial support for world missions. This is explained in the leaflet “How God Taught Me to Give,” available in the church or office. You can also pick up a Faith Promise card.
Missionary Books: There are excellent missionary biographies and other books on mission in both our Children’s Library and Adult Library. A large order of new books for our younger readers has arrived just in time to back our challenge for each child to read at least one book on missions. See the library display.
Gospel Mailings: Here’s a truly meaningful project any individual or family can do at home. It sounds simple, but it has proven extremely effective. Today, most believers in the Middle Eastern country nicknamed "Narnia" today started their journey toward Christ through one of these mailings. As the mailings go to thousands of Narnian addresses, the one response here or there helps our partner workers know where the real interest is, so they are not forced to find a needle in a haystack. What’s your part? Sign up and you will be sent a list of Narnian addresses and a stack of letters in the Narnian language. You also get an English translation. Then pray, address, send, and pray some more. When you get a reply, forward it to an organization in Colorado that will send the correspondence course, Jesus video, New Testament, or whatever the Narnian inquirer has requested. Your only cost is postage, and if you can’t afford that, the church will help. It’s prayer that makes the difference. Some in our church who have done this include France Vivenzio, Joanne Lupa, and Marilyn Doré. (This can also be a group ministry.)
Career Missionary: If you are thinking of becoming a career missionary, we want to talk and pray with you!  The leaflets “Can I Be a Missionary?” and “Home Church Missionary Support” will help you get your bearings. Then next steps might include the Perspectives Course, summer missions, or working through the workbook entitled "Global Mission Handbook: A Guide For Crosscultural Service."  Please talk to Pastor Powell, 508-238-1226.

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