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Haiti Team Nov 2016

Have you ever personally met a missionary? Most of us at The Fellowship have. They don’t all wear pith helmets and khaki shorts. Some work in inner cities, in jails, or in Russia. It’s more likely they use a computer than a machete.

As a church, we dare not be content with ministry confined to our own community. Jesus sent his followers to “be witnesses both in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” In this Bible command the Lord sends us to people in our own locale, to other locales in our own culture, to nearby people who are ethnically or culturally different, and even to people throughout the world.
When you read the other pages of this web site, you are reading about the ways we minister here in our own locale. However, to minister to other people and places, we work through our missionaries and mission trips, such as the group of our youth and adults shown here who went to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, to help rebuild after the destruction from Hurricane Katrina. Our missionaries are supported through a separate Mission Fund, as coordinated by the GO-Team (Global Outreach Team) of The Fellowship.
Each year we enjoy a week-long, global, Missions Conference in the spring.  Then L.A.M.P. Sunday in the fall highlights our Local Area Ministry Partners. These are two of the times we get to meet missionaries. The spring festival is also the time we tally many thousands of dollars in Faith Promises for the Mission Fund. As this comes in through the year, it’s used for mission work outside of our church.
Our “missionary family” is made up of individuals and couples with whom we have built a long-term relationship. Some of them were even members of The Fellowship before becoming missionaries. They now serve with various interdenominational mission agencies. Each missionary is dedicated to sharing the truth and love of Jesus with those who need it.
We encourage everyone to be involved in missions. Anyone from children to grandparents can be involved through praying, attending conference, giving, or volunteering. Some use summer vacation time to take part in a missions trip. It’s fun and deeply rewarding! Some of you who read this may even dream of becoming a missionary – whether as a career, a short term, or a retirement term. We would like to help you test your vocation and fulfill your dream!

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