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Growth Group

Growth Group is a discipleship training group that strengthens believers in the foundations of walking in obedience to the Lord. Participants learn how to become better established in personal devotions, personal Bible study, prayer, fellowship, sharing their faith, and confidence in understanding God’s will.
Contact: David Dore, 781-436-3677 or 1ddore [at] comcast.net

The Fellowship Video

The Fellowship Video - Several of our members describe why they chose (and remain at) the Fellowship.


Having trouble viewing the video?  Watch directly on Youtube.

Libby Little Engaged the Unengaged

Libby Little Engaged the Unengaged

Narnia News

Narnia is a dangerous place. More than 200 have been killed in attacks since last fall. Domestic violence is the norm. A civil war is under way. In the midst of all of this chaos, God is at work.

The Bible Correspondence Course is busy responding to requests for information about Jesus. Their workers have been active in baptizing new Narnian Christians. The tidal wave of refugees has brought in many Christians who are now witnessing to the Narnians. Here are a few stories about God's work.


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