plan your visit

Before You Arrive

1. Register your kids: You can complete the Family Information Form online to save time when you check your kids in at the kids check-in desk. We strongly recommend doing this so that you do not miss out on any of the worship service, and so that your children do not miss any class time.

2.  Fill out the visitor form: There is a visitor form near the bottom of this page that you can fill out to let us know you are coming and to give us a few details about yourself and your visit. You can also include any questions you have in the Message portion of the form.

3.  Read about what to expect when you visit: If you haven't already read through the information on the I'm New Here page, we suggest taking some time to read through it to learn more about The Fellowship and what you can expect when you visit us.

When You Arrive

Where to Park and Enter the Building

We are near the corner of Routes 106 and 123, across from the entrance to Target. Long-time residents of this area know us as the church across from the waterfall. When you drive into the church parking lot entrance, you’ll find a parking lot with plenty of room for your car. We suggest going right as you enter the parking lot and parking in a space as close as you can to the doorway clearly marked with the “Worship Center" sign above it. You will also see a greeter at that entrance to the building, as well. It's best to use that entrance for your first visit with us.

Welcome Center

As you enter, you will see the Worship Hall entrance to your right and the Welcome Center, staffed by friendly volunteers, to your left. Our Welcome Center volunteers are well informed to answer any questions you may have about restrooms, classrooms, children, nursery, the worship service, or the church generally. We also have a small token gift for you to remember The Fellowship. You can pick up your gift bag before or after the service.

Kids Check-In/Welcome Desk

The Kids check-in desk is located through the doors to the right of the Welcome Center. It is staffed by volunteers who are ready to assist you with checking your kids in for the first time.

Guest Information

Let us know that you are coming! We look forward to meeting you!