Strategic Re-Visioning

Scott Ball, the Malphurs GroupThe Fellowship has begun working with The Malphurs Group to take a look at our church's strengths, weaknesses, and prayerfully determine the vision for the future of our church. This process is facilitated by Scott Ball of the Malphurs Group, who will be leading six sessions over six months with the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT continues to meet and move forward between sessions with Scott.

Information from each of the sessions will be posted here as it becomes available.

Please be in Prayer for the Revitalization of our Church!

Session 1 (April 28 & 29)


Session 2 (June 2 & 3): Mission & Values

  • Fellowship Mission Statement -- On Friday, we worked through what a good Mission statement is, looked at examples of good and bad statements, and began formulating a new Mission Statement for the Fellowship. (PDF version)


Session 3 (July 7 & 8): Community Outreach & Disciple Making


Session 4 (August 4 & 5): Staffing & Congregational Mobilization

  • Implementation Team Updates -- On Saturday before talking about Mobilization, each Implementation Team gave an update on their progress/activities over the previous month.


Session 5 (September 8 & 9): Setting/Facilities, Creativity & Innovation, Stewardship/Finance

Information to come


Session 6 (October 6 & 7): Leadership Development

  Information to come


Session 7 (November): Vision

  Information to come


Strategic Leadership Team Members

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the Strategic Re-Visioning Process, please speak to a member of the SLT, or send an email to SLT [at]

  • Chris Andrade
  • Kerrie Benevides
  • Steve Cox *
  • Claire DeLuca
  • Ken Eng
  • Patricia Grogan *
  • Jonathan Leo *
  • John Loefstedt
  • Michele O'Brien
  • Richard Moskos *
  • Nadine Schofield
  • Jeff Silva
  • Joe Silva
  • Paul Tisdale
  • BB Wolf

* Member of the Lead Team, who will shepherd the Implementation Teams as they look at different aspects of ministry.


Contact Us

To reach the SLT as a whole, you can send an email to SLT [at] .

To send a message to a specific Implementation Team with ideas, comments, or feedback, you can use the following emails:

Communications:  communications [at]   (Lead: Joe Silva)
Creativity & Innovation: creativity [at]   (Leads: Ken Eng & Jeff Silva)
Disciple Making: disciple-making [at]   (Lead: Chris Andrade)
Facilities & Setting: facilities [at]   (Lead: B.B. Wolf)
Finance & Stewardship: finance [at]   (Lead: Paul Tisdale)
Leadership Development: leadership-development [at]   (Lead: Nadine Schofield)
Congregational Mobilization: mobilization [at]   (Lead: Kerrie Benevides)
Community Outreach: outreach [at]   (Leads: John Loefstedt & Michele O'Brien)
Prayer: prayer [at]   (Lead: Claire DeLuca)
Staffing: staffing [at]   (Lead: Jonathan Leo)