Who Are We?

In 1978, the people of a new church chose the name Free Evangelical Fellowship. 

FREE reflected the desire to have an open style of worship, free from the constraints of traditionalism. This was to be a church that celebrates our freedom in Christ, including freedom from legalism, sectarian dogmatism, and denominational hierarchy.

EVANGELICAL means this is a church clearly rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our simple yet thorough Statement of Faith places us in the middle of the historic stream of orthodox Christianity. The church holds membership in the National Association of Evangelicals.

Sometimes people stumble saying our name. What’s the difference between evanGELical and eVANgelist? An evangelical is one who believes the good news of Jesus. An evangelist, like Billy Graham, is one who spreads the good news of Jesus.

FELLOWSHIP is the part of our name that says this is a church focused on loving, supportive relationships to help people grow. People have priority over programs or buildings.

People often look at a church name to see what denomination it is in. We are not in a denomination. People have come to The Fellowship from many denominations. When they join our church family, they do not leave one denomination to join another. We are simply generic Christians, without a brand name!

Our church functions under a board of elders, with no outside hierarchy at some distant headquarters. Some call this an inter-denominational church, or an independent church. Whatever you call it, we are not a law unto ourselves. We submit to Christ as Lord, as His authority is revealed in the Bible. Furthermore, our lack of denominational ties allows us to enjoy fellowship with churches of many denominations. Independent does not mean we cut ourselves off from others.

We hope you will experience The Fellowship as a breath of fresh air.

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