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Our Purposes

At The Fellowship, we understand that the gospel is for all people of all ages.  We aim to take every opportunity  to reach students with the message of the gospel.  In doing this, we aim to support Christian parents in their responsibility to raise their children in the faith.  For those in a non-Christian context, these are a means to reach out with the life transforming message of Christ.  These opportunities include: Sunday School, Junior and Senior High Youth Group, Annual Retreats and Mission Trips (for senior high students).

Our Values

    Gospel Centered

        Reaching out through invitation and service

            Accepting of others

                Convinced of the truth of Scripture

                    Engaged in the local church


Youth CircleSunday School

Sunday School runs from September through early June and meets during the first service (9:00 hour).  Sixth graders spend the year in an interactive setting intended to connect their faith to life.  Seventh through twelfth grade currently use The Gospel Project curriculum produced by Lifeway.  The purpose of this curriculum is to promote an understanding of the Christ-Centered focus of Scripture and the life transforming power of the gospel.

High School Youth Group

High school students are forming and re-forming their understanding of the world.  For many of them, new ideas are challenging old ones.  We aim to provide a place where they can get encouragement that God’s ways as revealed in Scripture are true and that they can stand firmly on the Christian faith in a world of uncertainty. 

Middle School/Jr. High Youth Group

Middle school students experience drastic changes in a short period of time; physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  They need assurance that they will make it through and that what is happening is not abnormal.  We want them to know that finding identity in Christ is the firmest ground to stand on.  We aim to communicate that in our small groups by loving them and pointing them to Jesus.

Annual Winter Retreats

Retreats provide a focused opportunity for students to escape from their everyday busyness and to get away and focus on spiritual instruction and growth.  These times are fun, focused on Christ and aimed to calibrate their compasses.

Mission Trips

Summer vacations provide an opportunity for students to go away and minister to others for the sake of Christ and His kingdom.  Over the past few years, we have gone and worked in places like Mississippi for hurricane relief work, Uganda to reach people with water and the gospel, and to Camden, New Jersey to reach inner city kids with the love of Jesus.
Camden 2016 Team

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